Monday, January 22, 2007

Slow Food, Slow Winter

After a long hiatus filled with family obligations, three blizzards in our home state of Colorado, cross-country road travel, and lots of holiday eating, we have finally returned to Vermont, and Vermont has finally returned to winter. I must admit, it is so nice to finally have some snow here in Vermont - now we can snowshoe, x-country ski, and calmly search through those seed catalogs without feeling the urgency of those 50 degree days that felt like Spring. No, we're definitely here, the dead of winter. But, ever since December 20th, we have been marching slowly toward the light and winter doesn't feel so bad. It's also conference season here in the world of farming, and we've just finished attending a NOFA sponsored marketing conference, and are heading to PA for the PASA Farming for the Future conference February 1-4. We're giving 3 talks this year, which we're excited about. Even more exciting is the Terra Madre Reunion Dinner being held at Mary's at the Inn at Baldwin Creek on Thursday, February 8th.

This reminds me of the very exciting Slow Food Movement, which continues to build momentum. Tuesday, January 23rd, I'm meeting with the Vermont Fresh Network folks to help plan the first RAFT (Renewing America's Food Traditions) picnig to be held this summer, which will be leading the way towards a huge national RAFT picnic held in 2010! I'll post my notes here after the meeting, and after the idea has been fleshed out a bit more. Delicious food and exciting events await!

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