Monday, March 26, 2007

Spring Has Sprung!

Well, a lag in the posting due to Spring officially arriving, the greenhouses officially opening, and planting officially commencing! We are finally farming again - a much-anticipated annual cycle. We have some really fun crops this year, including: okra, shell peas, and tons of heirloom tomatoes, colorful cherry tomatoes, tons of fingerling potatoes, greens galore and all the peppers you could want! This time of year is so great - all the anticipation and potential for success. It's such nice time before anything has gone wrong; pests, floods, too much rain, too much sun, irrigation pump snafus, etc. Right now from where I'm sitting, everything looks pretty rosy! Plus, the snow's almost all gone! Also part of my rosy outlook: I can face mudseason with my newly purchased Muck Boots! They are fantastic - I feel practically invincible in them!

Some pics to show the process:

The seeds arrive and we begin the organization process

The snow is finally almost gone - there was easily 3 feet of snow here just 2 weeks ago!

The seeding begins!

Microgreens seeded...

...and one week later! One week to go until we harvest!

Barlettas - a fantastic white pearl onion.

The golden beets are up!

Mache - our specialty French green. This is the first time we've grown it when it's supposed to grow; the winter. We planted it in the hoophouse in November, and planned to harvest it now-ish. As you can see, it's ready! We made our first sale of the year today to Healthy Living Market - a whole 2 weeks earlier than last year! This was a fun project!

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