Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hole in our house!

Well, we've started on the next big house project - which is knocking a hole into the side of our house so that we can install a patio door, which will lead to our deck - which will be built next week! Spencer's mom Nancy & Stepdad Garth came from Denver to help us with both projects. Today, the hottest day of the summer, we made it home from the farm at a record 3pm, took several cold showers to cool off, sealed the room off from the rest of the house, then Spencer geared up, wielded the sledgehammer, and away we went!
Our door arrives!
Garth & Spencer starting to remove the window.

Spencer getting geared up for asbestos potential in the wall.
The first swing!
The hole is getting bigger.
There is no going back now!
Turns out it's pretty easy to punch a hole in the wall!
Cleaning up chunks of wall.
TA DA! Here is the wall without the plaster. Next, we will remove the window, mark out where the door will go, insert it, then finish the wall! More pictures as the plan evolves!

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