Friday, July 25, 2008

Bullet Dodgers!

So. This is a quick post to let everyone know that we're alright! Turns out the prediction was incorrect, and we're holding steady at 8 feet or so, and only looking at about 10 feet, but probably not even that. PLUS! There's dry weather suddenly in the forecast for the whole weekend!

We busted it out yesterday on the farm, and I am more than a little sore today. After reading our blogpost yesterday, we had a mini army that came out of the woodwork yesterday and helped us tremendously! Thanks soooooooooo much to Lorenzo, Chloe, Lindsay, Josh, Rob, and Suki (who provided us with rations for the day - thank you!). We accomplished so much between 5am and 8pm yesterday - we pulled our entire garlic, onion and shallot crop, as well as all the artichokes, some potatoes, and carrots, too. I will post some pictures of that process tonight, but for now, I need to go try and sell some onions to our accounts! See folks at market on Saturday, and thanks again for all your support on an extremely stressful and crazy day! Be well, and think dry!

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