Friday, September 19, 2008

Employee of the Year Awards

The following is a transcript from the first-ever Half Pint Farm Employee Award ceremony held Friday September 19th. Speech given by an Acting Management Representative.
I would first like to thank everyone for being here today for our first ever ceremony in recognition of the hard work and dedication of our staff. A couple of things make this a good time to hold this important event. First, the folks over in the bookkeeping department let me know that today we succeeded in meeting our annual revenue goals, putting us about 6 weeks ahead of schedule. I would first like to thank our dedicated customers and partners for helping us to reach this goal in so short a time. I also want to recognize that this would not have been possible without the careful attention and care from our great staff. This benchmark is especially nice to surpass for the second reason for this event today, the threat of the first frost last night. While we were not yet affected, the cold temperatures are a reminder that the end of the season is nearing and our efforts will soon turn to focusing on preparations for next year. Before we look to 2009, it is appropriate to recognize the hard work of 2008. A conversation with one of the staff today reminded me that we need to make sure to give positive feedback and reinforcement to our workers. So without further ado, let me introduce the Half Pint Farm Employee of the Year for 2008.
Many of you will know immediately of whom I am speaking. This worker, in addition to her normal duties of weeding, planting, washing, harvesting and general grounds maintenance, has continually gone above and beyond the call of duty. She has been diligent in updating the blog on an almost weekly basis, has handled email correspondence and consistently produced recipe cards for the weekly food club pick up. She has been in constant contact by phone with our chef partners and accounts, as well as performing the twice weekly deliveries, often including additional errands along the way. She has been the primary caretaker of our secret flocks of chickens both at home and at the farm. Additionally, I am reminded from off stage, she almost single-handedly maintained the microgreens seeding all year, as well as many weeks of onion cleaning. Add on to all this, the fact that the farm staff has often enjoyed the fresh baked scones she prepares before work three days a week. For all these reasons and so much more, I am proud to present the 2008 Employee of the year, Mara Welton! Thanks for all your hard work!The runner up for the employee of the year award was a very close second and I am sorry that this hard worker can't be here at the ceremony. In fact, this employee is still hard at work, keeping weeds at bay, helping crops such as tomatoes, peppers, artichokes, chard and squash to grow strong and with minimal disease. This worker helped out every harvest day in aiding a smooth transport of the crops will helping to keep the produce clean. I am, of course, talking about Lumite the Landscape Fabric. He had many names and we never quite called it the same thing, often leading to confusion, but without you, Weed Barrier, this year would have been a lot harder and weedier. Thanks so much!
Finally, an honorable mention. No one we talked to quite knew exactly what you do around here all day, but when pressed it was decided that you do help in maintaining the seeding plan and schedule and are a help with the harvest. To Spencer Welton, better luck next year and thanks for whatever it is you do.
To the others on the Half Pint payroll, Mr. Smeems is a frog-catcher and crop-stomper and his little brother, Bullet is a snake-barker and a chicken-hassler and both often antagonize Lumite the Weed Fabric. They both seem unclear on what the actual purpose of the farm is and how they can best serve goals of the company. Perhaps they will have a shot at an award next year.
Thank you for coming today, keep up the good work and help yourself to some pizza.

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kevin said...

what about Mr. Auger attachment for the drill? ...or the ultra tiller 9000? If your going to hold a Dundee's cermony at the end of the year I think these noble employees might need to be included.