Sunday, May 16, 2010

New Website - New Post!

Hello All! This will be my last blogpost at this location! We have successfully redesigned our website with the help of Mara's brother Phil Sandoval - the idea is that all Half Pint Farm things will be parked at the website - archive of all past blogposts, all new blogposts, recipes, general farm info, pictures, etc. This is in an effort to keep everything together! We hope that you will visit our blogposts there - please leave us comments and check out our recipes and pictures! Check us out at!


Dogwoods said...

New website is really good. and thank you for information of new website.

Farm Equipment said...

Amazing... the new site is just amazing... and sooo easy to use, good move and good luck!

Precision Planting said...

Thanks! I will follow over to your new website.