Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Home is where the revolution is

Well, well, well! We have officially reached our personal 5-year goal! Our vision was to farm on 1 acre by ourselves and make enough money to put a down payment on a house. That vision was officially realized yesterday when we signed a contract for a 3 bedroom ranch in a great neighborhood here in Burlington! We expect to move in mid-April after we re-do the floors and update it a bit. We are quite excited and can barely believe it's happening. It has been such an amazingly surreal winter for us with so many major changes in our life beginning with Terra Madre in Italy, the unexpected death of Mara's father before Thanksgiving, the long drives between Denver & Burlington over the holidays, the amazing PASA conference, planning meetings with chefs and wholesalers for the season, ordering 215 varieties of veggies from new seed sources, getting involved deeply with the Slow Food Vermont movement, Spencer taking an Organic Chemistry class for fun, Mara taking an Auto Shop class for fun, buying a home, hiring an employee and deciding to get a friend for Mr. Smeems, our dachshund! To say the least, we are reeling a bit, but know that we've been making good choices along the way and have been enjoying being a part of Mara's strong and supportive family during difficult times.
One of the main reasons for buying a house was to have an extensive dining area so that we can host dinners and discuss the food revolution with our friends, customers, chefs and other folks that are interested in this great food movement. We have definitely outgrown our 400 square feet at the housing co-op that we live in, and can't wait to share our new home with you! More pictures to come as we go through the inspection process and updating process this Spring!
Some more house pictures!
The backyard, which is begging for a deck and a door from the middle section - the dining room.

Two big bedrooms like this one

The living room has hardwood floors under this carpet, and saloon doors to the hallway!

The kitchen is in need of updating, but is great for now. The room off to the side is technically a third bedroom, but will be our formal dining room. This is the room that will open to the backyard.

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