Monday, February 19, 2007

Winter Wonderland

We can hardly get enough of all of this snow! Mr. Smeems is quite taken with it as well! We finally, after years of hemming and hawing (sp?) about getting our own x-country equipment finally bought our own gear. It really has been wonderful going down to the Intervale and interacting with that environment this time of year. We finally ordered all of our seeds last week, and continue to work on the house process, meanwhile....let it snow!

Mr. Smeems tunneling through 3' of snow at the farm

Mr. Smeems getting back to his burrowing roots!

Mr. Smeems warming up in the hoophouse

The field in winter

1 comment:

Julio said...

Look at all that snow....I'm jealous.

No snow at all in Texas. :(

Enjoy it for me.