Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Outstanding in the Field

We have been asked to participate with the group Outstanding in the Field this year!  We are thrilled, as we have enjoyed their amazing cookbook, and have been told over and over that we should host an Outstanding in the Field event.  We will be partnered with Steve and Lara Atkins of The Kitchen Table Bistro in Richmond, which we're thrilled about!  Not only are they one of our favorite restaurants to work with, they were just nominated for a James Beard Foundation award (the Oscars of Food)!  The Outstanding in the Field event at Half Pint Farm will be on Friday, August 14th, 2009.  It promises to be an amazing event with incredible food!  Tickets go on sale this Friday, March 20th - the first day of spring.  If you think you would like to attend, you can look at the schedule here.  We'll see you at the farm!  
In other Half Pint Farm event news, we are going to host a Vermont Fresh Network Farmers Dinner as well!  No date has been set for that, but we'll post something here as soon as we know when it is!  Thanks for your interest in Half Pint Farm events!  We're excited to host and share our farm with everyone!  Now, back to the greenhouse to start growing some food!


jericho farmer said...

What a major coup! I think that certifies you two as farm celebrities now!


mara said...

Thanks, Mark! We're super excited! Farm celebrities...I like the sound of that!
Best, Mara