Sunday, March 15, 2009

Slow Food Awareness!

A million thank yous to all you Vermonters who came out to support the Slow Food meeting I organized today.  It was an amazing sunny Spring-like day and over 50 folks came out of the sun to Pauline's Cafe to learn a little more about Slow Food and how us Vermonters and particularly us Burlingtonians would like to organize ourselves.  THANK YOU!  What was particularly interesting was the sentiment that there is a definite need for an organization that supports the consumers' (in Slow Food parlance, that's co-producers) quest to understand and get a new appreciation for food.  There was such an enthusiasm for: educational potlucks (learn how to cook something specific together - recipe sharing, etc.), as well as not creating a new chapter, but galvanizing an effort under the current Vermont chapter.  Also, a nice voice arose from people looking to identify with a food community.  Such powerful stuff, and oh so motivating!  The other overarching feeling coming out of this meeting was, "Let's have more events, and let's have them now!"  I must say, I was also impressed with the level of folks' commitment to helping make events happen.  WOW!  What a difference a change in season, some sunshine, and some terrific company with like-minded foodies makes!  It was a pleasure to meet so many amazing folks with such great ideas.  I can hardly wait to start working with them!  I also gained the awareness of a local food blog I did not know about previously: Hippo Flambe!  Check it out not just for the super duper cool name, but some inspired recipes and captivating food stories.  Thanks, Robin!  
We got home from this great event just in time to thaw a chicken we grew last Spring for dinner.  Spencer spatchcocked it and grilled it.  We had a side of Anishinaabeg Manoomin wild rice with that amazing chicken - and it was the most incredible rice I've ever had.  It had a deliciously smoky taste that went perfectly with the grilled chicken.  To top it all off, we had glasses of our homemade carrot wine we made with Arethusa Collective Farm's 2007 fall carrots.  Absolutely perfect meal...  All of this would have been enough - just another Slow Food dinner in the Welton household; but then there on 60 Minutes as we were eating, was a report on Alice Waters and her influence on Slow Food in America!  
Couldn't have planned it better myself!   Enjoy the video - interesting, and timely.  Also timely was the article in the NYTimes this past week about Michelle Obama's efforts concerning good healthy food.  It's a great time to be involved in food, people!  So let's invite someone over, make a meal, pick up our forks and enjoy each other's company - conviviality.  It's where it's at!


Christa Gowen said...

Hi Mara - I was very excited to see that other people are interested in Slow Food having events in Burlington, but sad that I found out too late to come to the meeting on Sunday. I am very interested in participating in local events. If you could keep me posted about what's happening, or if you ever need any help at all - please let me know. My email is

Thanks! Christa

mara said...

Hey Christa!

I will definitely keep you on the list for upcoming SFVT events - thanks for your interest!

Christa Gowen said...

Sounds great! Thanks so much!